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What to look out for 

  • Qualifications such as a recognised Diploma (in performance or teaching) or a degree in which piano studies are an important component

  • Experience teaching a range of different ages and abilities, and the styles of music you prefer

  • A professional outlook, with an organised schedule and clearly established terms and conditions

  • Evidence of continuing professional development such as attendance at master classes, summer schools, concerts and courses

  • Performing experience

  • Membership of professional bodies such as the MU, the ISM or EPTA-UK

  • Many good teachers will offer an initial consultation lesson

  • All teachers should offer a short cooling off period at the start of the contract

Questions to ask

  • is the teacher CRB checked?

  • what is the teaching room or studio like?

  • does the teacher have enthusiasm for music, and for teaching?

  • do they teach theory and note reading?

  • do they actively develop pupils' listening skills?

  • can they teach improvising and/ or composition?

  • how does the teacher help pupils build up good practice habits?

  • are pupil concerts arranged regularly?

  • is a range of musical styles introduced?

  • are progress reports given?

  • is the teacher organised and business-like?

  • does s/he enter pupils successfully for exams?

  • up to which practical and theoretical grades or diplomas does s/he prepare students?